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Do you agree to washing and sanitizing your hands and possibly a fresh shower (If I see fit) when we meet? *
Have you ever tested positive for HIV/AIDS? *
Do you currently have any STD/STI's? Oral or genitals cold sores or warts on your genital areas? If so, I will refuse service. *
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After light screening via text or email, I will send you the link to have access to my screening form and to schedule a meeting with me.


Here you can see my schedule, and see what time works best for us both. Feel free to fill out the screening form, health check and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience with a text or email. If you don't feel comfortable sending in the screening info, text me and we can screen that way. Screening will be required; and mandatory for all new friends! Screening is solely for my safety, freedom, and to gain my trust. All of the information you send in to me, will ONLY be viewed by me, and will be deleted in 24 hours after submission.

If you do not want to screen at all, I AM NOT THE LADY FOR YOU. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER CONTACTING ME. I only see SAFE and TRUSTWORTHY guys that have nothing to hide and that can follow and respect my simple and brief screening introduction.

Discretion is most importantly key!

Thank you so much for your cooperation and have a beautiful day!


Disclaimer: If you're uncomfortable with filling out the screening form through my website, you're more than welcome to send me all of the photo requirements and information through text 808-436-8665. I need your real number, your work ID card or badge, a picture of you in uniform or on the job, a current selfie, and your drivers license picture with information blurred out. To verfiy it is you who I will be opening my doors to. You can blur out all important traceable information. I don't care about the name of the company and address etc. I just need to see the picture of you with current dates proving that you are currently employed at that exact place of employment, for safety and trust reasons. If you are a student, send me your student ID card with current dates. If you are unemployed, please let me know and you will need to do a different screening. :) My safety and freedom comes first!