Here you will find commonly asked questions.

I am on the Hawaiian Islands. I am located on Oahu, Honolulu, in Waikiki, about 5 minutes from the Ala Moana Hotel. You can google or GPS the Ala Moana Hotel to get an idea of the distance between you and I.



Maybe some LFK. But it does depend on who you are, our connection, and definitely depends on the service you'd be getting from me. Every party I host is different and tailored to your needs and wants. Usually, I do not tongue kiss anyone. The thought of swallowing another humans saliva grosses me out. Sorry.

Yes, I am a rare exotic mix of Belizean, Native American, African American.

Behind the Convention Center, near The Ala Moana Hotel.. On Ala Moana Blvd. Right before you get to Waikiki. I have easy parking available here as well. It's absolutely no hassle to get to me.

Sure! I will date any, and all ethnicities. As long as you are of age, respectful and a gentleman to me. That is all I ask.

Of course! Absolutely!

YES! My boobs are NATURAL. I do not have any enhancements at all to my body. These boobs are organic & homegrown 34DDD's. A true mouthful. LOL!

Yes! Please touch me. I love connecting with my clients on a different level, than what he's use to. It makes our moment together even better! In most cases I release stress too! LOL! I love to be touched, and pleased.

Hmmm.. every time I'm asked this I have to take a second to guess hard. Since I'm pretty much OK with alot of things. LOL! I'm very open minded, and very kinky. And I absolutely love having a great time. But I do have a couple of things listed on my No menu.


Firstly, I do NOT like pain, at all, I prefer all pleasure upon myself.


No scratching, biting or pinching any parts of my body! If it inflicts pain upon me, count me out.

No DOMME behavior to be performed on me! I am not a Sub to that degree.

No bondage play on me. Sure, I can Domme you. No problem.

No slapping my ass (Too Hard)! A nice tap is fine.

No spitting on me. No bodily fluid exchanging.



No racial fetish play.

No extra hard rough play.


Treat me like a Lady. Like I am the woman of your dreams.

Yes! I have lots of lovely xxx pics and video content you can purchase.

You can text me at 808-379-5606 or email me: [email protected] to inquire.

Please be cashapp, paypal, venmo ready. Thank you.

Yes. It's Aaliyahmonet808


I don't post much on there. I like Twitter, which I update often. My twitter is also @aaliyahmonet808

No but I do give discounts to repeat clients, that write honest reviews on me.

No. I do not like driving there and showing my ID to the gate guard. It is much easier for you to come to me, and makes much more sense.

Yes! Absolutely. I go when a client flys me down. I do plan to tour the other islands more, maybe, but no time soon. If you'd like to fly me down to where ever you are inner or outer island, you can click the link on my website that says "Travels- Fly Me To You", and there you will find what's necessary.

Absolutely. Very open minded, willing and able. I'm open to new experiences also. Be sure to list which fetishes you're into when scheduling a meeting in the Rates section.

YES! I prefer older mature gentlemen.

If you're over 25+ I have no issue with spending time with you, as long as you are a gentleman.

Sometimes I do.

It depends on how they approach me, if they're respectful, a gentleman, and if he's serious about booking.

I tolerate absolutely NO games, or time wasters.

I love this question!

I prefer text only due to a high volume of calls being time wasters, and prank callers. I get alot of calls through out the day from people that are simply playing games, and time wasting. I provide all information on my listings, and on my personal website. So answering the phone to answer questions I've answered here make no sense to me. Especially with a high volume of prank callers. My time is VERY valuable, and I simply do NOT have the time to answer a million prank callers a day, so I rather you text me, if you are serious and interested.Texting also allows me to answer at my convenience. If I am busy, I do not and will not answer the phone. 

Yes, but I am very selective with who I engage in that with. I prefer safe play. Rates do differ for my GFE.

I can be.. And I have been before. I'm very familiar with the techinque and act. ;-)

Yes. Absolutely. I can also brings friends!