The Fine Print

Quality companionship is a two-way street.

I take impeccable care of my appearance, hygiene, and manners at all times and ask that my clients do as well. That being said, there are a few things you can do to help us both feel more relaxed and make the most of our time together.



Before we meet, you should be sure that your hygiene is well taken care of. Please shower, freshen your breath and be sure that your nails are clipped. If there are any areas that you wish for me to pay special attention to, I encourage you to trim or shave the hair in those areas. Please avoid wearing any strongly scented colognes. If you are coming from work or another place where a shower is not available, you are welcome to shower at my place. I have a variety of unscented organic soaps and clean soft towels waiting and ready for you. 



Please note that our time starts at the scheduled time. I do allow a 10-15 minute grace period. I understand traffic may happen, or parking may take a minute. All I ask is that you communicate with me. This ensures that I can stay on schedule for the day. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, I can not guarantee that I will still be able to see you, or we may need to plan for a shorter length of time.



Please have the full donation READY when we meet. I do not want to ask for it, or hint about it. Please bear in mind that my donations are set at an amount that is fair considering the quality of my service, and therefore, negotiating is both rude and uncouth. When you enter my incall, please have donation together, prepared and neat. Please place it on the night stand in my room I will lead you to. You can excuse yourself to the restroom, if you'd like. This is also your chance to freshen up, and wash your hands and freshen your breath. If I am meeting you at your place or hotel room, please simply have the donation neatly in an envelope and visible upon my arrival, for me to see and collect, prior to the fun. If we are meeting in a public setting, I appreciate the donation being discreetly given inside of a card, gift bag, or gift box. 



I understand that life happens and sometimes unforseen circumstances stand in the way of meeting. Should you need to cancel, please notify me at least 1 hour in advance of scheduled appointment, if possible. If you book a same day appointment, and if you need to cancel or reschdule please contact me 24-48 hours before scheduled appointment. If you simply do not show up to our scheduled appointment without notifying me ahead of time, I will not be willing to schedule with you ever again in history. You will be blocked from contacting me. My time is very valuable.